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Make-up Artist

Wowza not really sure where to start about today . Hope you all have been safe and well ?

Against all the odds my beautiful bride eventually got to get married . I hope I never have to see another day like this . All odds stacked against us and in 20 years , only the second time I’ve nearly had a wobble . But through all of the setbacks. The storm , snow and trees in the road . The no water , electricity and not even her wedding reception , my lovely Alice we got there in the end eventually married her soulmate who she had waited 12 years to marry . . It wasn’t how she planned but she looked beautiful and I couldn’t believe the strength she showed all the way through the unprecedented challenges . Her bride party rallied around to get push through to get the job done .

The suppliers Paul Flannigan Photography and @karascott hair were amazing too. The dream Team were epic today .

Made me feel super proud of working in such a amazing network of people . Truly do love my job and always feel grateful.#weddingday#freelancemakeupartist

But please Mother Nature be kind to me tomorrow