Award Winning
Make-up Artist


Choosing the right foundation can be the hardest thing for any person.   It is important to try and get the closest match to your skin.   You can move up a shade in the summer if you have a bit more tan.   Try at least 3 different colours on your jaw line similar in shade.


Concealer can be used for blemishes, any redness or to disguise dark shadows under the eyes.   Under eye concealers are the trickiest.   Try and choose a texture which has an illuminating effect that will reflect under the eye.   It is best to choose a concealer slightly darker to conceal dark circles as lighter ones brings shadows forward.   A lot of people make this mistake.


Powder is not for everyone but it is excellent for oilier skins or anyone who may need to set there makeup so that does not disappear throughout the day.   Choose a translucent colour and gently pat down the nose, forehead and chin.   Apply the powder to the brush and tap off any excess so that it goes on naturally.   Do not apply too much as you do not want to give your skin a powdery finish.


Bronzes are available in flat or shimmer colours but you can also get two tone and gel formulations.   All are good but the powder ones are much easier to apply.  Try a matte for the day and a shimmer for night.   Apply bronzes in the areas that would catch the sun naturally on the face.   You want your bronzer to lift and warm not make you look orange.   The best technique is to start across the fore head and work your way around the eyes onto the check bone and then around the chin.   Think of a backwards ‘3’ and that will high light the correct areas.